The winter velocity program is without question the best opportunity for young ballplayers in the Brazos Valley to get started on the road to baseball success.
— Jim Lawler, Texas A&M Pitching Coach & Recruiting Coordinator, 1985-2006

Winter Velocity Program

WHO: Current high school sophomore or older players. This program is NOT exclusive to Twelve members. Players from any team/program are welcome to sign up and participate.

WHAT:  High intensity velocity development program

WHERE:  College Station and The Woodlands

College Station Location
Twelve Training Facility
5188 Straub Rd.
College Station, TX 77845

The Woodlands Location
The Woodlands Baseball Academy
28611 Blue Jack Lane
Magnolia, TX 77354

WHEN:  The program in College Station is an 11-week program that will begin the week of October 31 and conclude the week of January 25. The program has begun but additional sign-ups will be accepted through November 28. The program will conclude the week of January 25.

Training days in College Station are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

Training days in College Station begin at 4:30pm, 4:45pm, and 6:30pm. When registering you can specify a preferred session start time and/or preferred group members.  Twelve staff will assign participants to a session start time.

The program in The Woodlands is a 9-week program that will begin the week of November 27 and conclude the week of January 25.

Training days in The Woodlands are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week.

Training days in The Woodlands begin at 6:00pm.  Additional start times will be added as needed.

NOTE: You can start in College Station and transfer to The Woodlands once those sessions begin. Progress will be clearly communicated in the transfer process.

HOW TO REGISTER:  Fill out the form below. SPACE IS LIMITED. Don't wait. Sign up today!

HOW TO PAY:  Cost is $200 per month. Pay by credit card using the PayPal button below. Check made payable to CST Baseball, Inc. can be submitted in to Twelve staff or mailed to CST Baseball, Inc., 2203 Carlisle Ct., College Station, TX 77845.

If you register late you will need to communicate with Mark Mangum regarding a pro-rated first month fee.

Velocity Development Program 2016

WHAT TO BRING:  Players need to bring turfs (or tennis shoes) AND cleats to all sessions.  Bring glove, water, and long sleeves (mandatory, no exceptions).


This is NOT a "Pitcher Workout", it is an off-season Throwing Program that benefits players that play any position on the field. The program is designed to increase your velocity from 3-5 mph through hard, smart, and intentional work. Baseball is better today than it has ever been which creates more competition for playing time and scholarships. So far you have stayed ahead of the pack, however, you are about to enter into a new group of ball players (those good enough/competing for scholarships) that is incredibly talented and incredibly motivated. Our program can help you.

This program has been researched, tested, and scientifically modified to provide serious players with a platform to increase velocity AND arm health. In addition, the program has shown to greatly improve throwing arm action, which leads to velocity and safer throwing.


If you are in search of a quick fix we suggest that you look elsewhere. This program demands a serious time commitment that must be kept by the player to maximize results. The program requires 3 days a week for approximately 1-1.5 hours each session.

While showing up 3 days a week is a big part of this, it is the intent in each repetition of each drill and the intent to throw harder that produces results.

Holidays and life events are considered and planned for in this program, however, participants are expected to plan ahead to make sure to stay on course with program timelines. Staying on schedule will be the responsibility of the player.


We have invested a great deal of resources to put this program together. Along the way we have compiled data, which includes an average velocity gain of 5.6 mph in 9 or fewer weeks. In addition to the velocity gains, when asked, our participants report that their arms feel better at the start of their spring high school season than it ever has in their life. That feedback is difficult to measure, but the value is enormous.

What would a 3 - 5 mph velocity gain do for you?  Make you more recruit-able? More competitive?  More successful?  All of the above? For some it will turn you into a recruit-able athlete. For some in will change who recruits you. For some it will put you in a small, but growing, fraternity of players that throw 90 mph.