Next order window will be in January.


Game Pants:  Plain white pants of any brand, purchased from any vendor.  We do value the way our players look in uniform.  Some tips/suggestions/rules on purchasing game pants include 1) do not purchase the cheapest pants, 2) pants MUST have a belt loop, 3) pants can be worn long/down around the shoes, or high/at the knees, mid-shin is not acceptible. Returning players who have white pants with maroon piping will be allowed to wear these pants until they grow out of them.

Practice Pants:  Plain grey pants of any brand, purchased from any vendor.  Same rules apply for grey pants as listed for the white game pants above.

Game Tops:  Every player must have a maroon game top and a white game top.  These will be purchased from CC Creations on your team link.  Back by popular demand is the OPTIONAL black game top.  Get with your GM to determine whether or not your team will order the black game tops.  High school players will NOT be wearing black game tops.  You are welcome to order a black game top even if your team is not wearing them.

Practice Tops:  Every player must have a grey practice top.  These will be purchased from CC Creations on your team link.

Game Accessories:  Every player must have maroon socks or approved maroon stirrups for games and practice, maroon belt for game and practice, and maroon long sleeves for game and practice.  These can be purchased from CC Creations on your team link or from any other vendor.

Game Hats:  All players will receive 1 game hat as part of the membership.  You can size hats at a try-on session.  Hats will be distributed at practices.  Additional game hats can be purchased HERE.

Helmets:  Every player must have a maroon game helmet.  We will provide you with helmet options (below) and you will purchase helmets on your own.  We will provide you with "12" stickers and jersey number stickers.

Suggested helmets:  Rawlings CFBH (6 1/2 to 7 1/4), CFABH (custom sizing), and CFPBHD (college and high school sizing)

Suggested heltmet retailers with the best pricing:,, Amazon, Eastbay. 

- Maroon Long Sleeves:  At some point in the fall and continuing in to the early spring, maroon long sleeves will be mandatory at all practices and games.  You can purchase long sleeves from any vendor.  Brecon sleeves will be available for purchase later in the fall.

- Black Practice Shorts:  Must be purchased through CC Creations on your team link.



not available at this time

  • Be sure to include the player's first and last name and jersey number in the comment box on your order link.
  • Car decals can be ordered on your team link.
  • Click HERE for some helpful hints for this order. 
  • No refunds on online CC Creations orders or Sweet and Sassy bling orders.  Exchanges on online order items will be allowed for defect items.  The defect item must be returned.
  • Please contact your team uniform and apparel officer or GM with questions. 


Throughout the year we will offer the following opportunities to purchase uniform and apparel items:

  • August - all teams
  • January - all teams
  • May - summer high school teams

The Twelve logo and all other affiliated brand representations are the intellectual property of CST, Inc. and any unauthorized use of these properties is prohibited.

CC Creations is the current vendor for all Mandatory Uniform Items, Streetwear Apparel Items, and most of the Optional Uniform Items.  Look for emails from Sherry and updates to this page concerning upcoming ordering dates for these items.

Sweet and Sassy Designs is the current vendor for all “bling” apparel items.  Bling items are available at all times throughout the year.  For questions or orders please contact Shelley Dewitt at 979-209-4054 or


Click on “Custom Designs” link to find Twelve apparel.  Prices may vary.



Twelve Members 9 - 14u:  please contact your team uniform and apparel representative or GM with questions concerning uniforms and apparel.  High school members need to contact Sherry Bennett with questions.

Non- Twelve Members:  please contact Twelve Uniforms and Apparel Director Sherry Bennett with any questions.

For questions about our popular block 12 hats, please visit our NEW ERA HATS page.