Congratulations to Dulles High School 2017 grad Trent McMeans on your commitment to the University of Houston!

Trent is a ballplayer. There just aren't many things he can't do on a baseball field. He's athletic, throws well, swings the bat well, runs well, defends well, understands the game, and he plays hard... ALL the time.

A short stop by trade, we've put Trent on the mound and we've seen him dominate good teams simply by out competing them. Dudes who compete well usually win a lot! This dude competes well.

He does what he does on the field but he also does it in the classroom. Effort, character, intensity... it's just the way that Trent handles his business.

The ‪#‎Cougars‬ picked up a ballplayer and a winner in Trent.

Congratulations to the McMeans family.