Congratulations to Hargrave High School 2016 grad Jake Bumgarner on your commitment to the Air Force Academy!

Jake is a ballplayer. Two years ago we put him behind the plate in attempt to put him in a position that best suited his skill set. Catchers must be leaders, have an understanding of the game, be grinders, workers, be tough, be team oriented, be willing to sacrifice.... Jake didn't hesitate. He got behind the plate and immediately began to get after it. He still plays an excellent 3B and will likely do some of that at the next level as well. No problem. He's a ballplayer. He'll do whatever is asked of him and he'll do it well.

The above description of Jake as a ballplayer might better be suited as a description of his character. His character is what makes him an excellent fit for the Air Force Academy.

The United States Armed Forces got stronger today.

Congratulations to the Bumgarner family!

Thanks Jake. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you.