Congratulations to 2015 Oak Ridge High School grad Bryce Foley on your commitment to play ball at Panola College!

Bryce is a hard nosed ballplayer who has a professional approach to the game. His toughness and team-first mentality make him the kind of guy you want on your team.

Bryce plays the outfield without fear, attacking every ball hit in his direction. He has good pop in his bat and he has an excellent arm. His arm is so good in fact that he just recently got back on the mound (after a couple of years of not pitching at all) and threw 88mph! The staff of Panola is expecting Bryce to pitch and hit!

At the age of 12 Bryce suffered a major back injury. He missed a full year of playing ball but he came back with a huge appreciation for the opportunity to play. We've NEVER seen him not run hard to first base. He plays the game the right way and he's earned the opportunity to play at the next level.

Congratulations to the Foley family!

Go Ponies!

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