Congratulations to 2015 Montgomery High School grad Tanner Huffman on your commitment to Concordia University!

Tanner is an incredible defender behind the plate. He entered our high school program as an infielder who would occasionally catch when needed. It quickly became apparent that we had found and developed a catcher who could play at the next level. A couple of injuries slowed his progress a bit but he battled through and showed tremendous improvements as a receiver, blocker, pitch caller, and leader. 

Tanner has repeatedly proven his toughness and his character and he has definitely earned the opportunity to play ball in college. He's been coach-able and he's been a great teammate. We're honored to have had him in a Twelve uniform.

Coach Boggs picked up a good one today. The Tornado pitching staff will be very pleased.

Congratulations to the Huffman family!

Go Tornadoes!