Sorry for the delay in getting rosters posted.  We had 109 new players tryout!  As always, we set rosters with the intent of making sure that each individual player will get his development needs met.  We also set the rosters to be positionally balanced and competitive.   You'll soon get an email with pertinent start-up information.  Your team General Manager will be contacting you shortly to get some information from you.  Please check your emails and respond quickly.  We have a lot to do to get rolling for the fall and very little time to do it! 

What now?

1.  You'll get an email from Kevin Hodge and from your team General Manager.

2.  You'll need to get with your GM and determine your uniform number.

3.  You'll need to go to the "Uniforms and Apparel" page (will be open this week) and get your uniform items ordered prior to August 15th.

4.  You'll need to go to the "Member Payments" page (will be open this week) and make the initial payment prior to August 15th.

5.  Your team will meet to discuss plans for the fall including a projected playing schedule and preferred practice days for your team.  At the meeting you'll need to bring a copy of the player's birth certificate and your signed membership contract (will be emailed to you shortly).

To the returning players, welcome back!  To the new players, welcome to Twelve Baseball!