This Saturday we will begin play in our 3rd annual Twelve 16u Fall World Series.  The FWS will conclude what has once again been a very productive 16u fall program.  Our coaching staff met earlier this week to draft teams.  The FWS will be played at full speed with the intent of capturing bragging rights.  All Freshmen and Sophomore players were drafted and split amongst three teams.  

Saturday's games will be played at the Franklin Ranch Community Park in Franklin, TX (just a short 35 minute drive northwest of BCS).  The championship game will be played on Wednesday night, November 7th, at 7pm at a location to be determined.  The following week, the FWS champion will square off against the Twelve coaching staff.

Twelve 16u Fall World Series Schedule

Game 1 - 9:30am

Saturday 10/27/12 @ Franklin Ranch

The Zambonis vs. Cajun Gree Gree

 Game 2 - 11:30am

Saturday 10/27/12 @ Franklin Ranch

Cajun Gree Gree vs. A Dozen Dimes

 Game 3 - 1:30pm

Saturday, 10/27/12 @ Franklin Ranch

The Zambonis vs. A Dozen Dimes




A Dozen Dimes

Coaches:  Kevin Hodge & Mark Mangum

Cameron Griffen

Christian Springfield

Jake Georgiades

Jamie Dominguez

Jeramy Johnson

Kyle Swanson

Luke Estlund

Mathew Bennett

Michael Francis

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Renick

Sean Arnold


The Zambonis

Coaches:  Phil Carey & Ryan Lennerton

Alex Meraz

Austin Munoz

Baylor Rowlett

Brady Derrett

Brandon Letendre

Cade Harris

Cameron Carver

Cody Staab

Collin Cameron

Ethan Ray

Jerry Murillo

Justin Vasquez

William Vaughn


Cajun Gree Gree

Coaches:  Ryan Brauninger & Matt Fontenot

Anthony Voneiff

Ben Gooch

Elijah Adams

Hunter Thomas

Izzy Martinez

Joey Orsak

Kyrell Miller

Luken Baker

MacGregor Hines

Max Page

Myles Sheffield

Tyler Slaydon