tax donation form

hit a thon packet

team fundraisers - how they work


We have four ways that you can raise funds to pay your membership fees and/or tournament fees:

1.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.  As such, you can solicit donations to the organization from various entities.  Those entities receive a tax write off for the donation amount.  The form you can use for this is included in this packet (page 11, feel free to make copies).  You'll need to provide a receipt to the donor (top portion of form) and then you'll need to collect and turn in to Scott Hennigar (Twelve CFO) the donation and our portion of the receipt (bottom portion of form).  You can mail these in to the PO Box.

2.  Our annual Hit A Thon fundraiser is the primary source by which we will pay for our training facility.  The way it works for you is that your son will get 5 swings.  The distance traveled of the furthest ball he hits will be used as a multiplier.  Prior to the event your son will solicit per foot pledges for his furthest hit ball.  20% of your raised funds go directly towards your membership fees.  The remaining 80% go to the Twelve organization (primarily the training facility).  The Hit A Thon event is growing.  We have held the event in early June the past two years.  This year we plan to hold it in the early spring.  You'll receive a packet of information for this later this fall.

3.  Later this fall we will offer our 2 for 1 Discount Card fundraiser.  Pretty simple... we will have discount cards that you can sell to the community.  A large percentage of the raised funds will go directly towards your membership fees and/or tournament fees.

4. Each team has the option of organizing a team fundraiser to cover expenses for the team.  Tons of options for this.  Fundraisers must be approved by Kevin Hodge.  Team parents are responsible for organizing the fundraiser.